pulse synth harmonics
phase (un)locked loops

The push.pull pedal is a synth effect based upon the PLL (Phase Locked Loop) IC, in which the PLL has been "unlocked" and let loose through joysticks, switches, and a pushbutton. It is hard to describe the sounds I have already heard: distorted, glitchy, fuzz, bass synth, drone, full of clicks, 8 bit, and erratic synthetic hyperdrive.

4 Non-Return to Center Joysticks
A green LED pushbutton that "unlocks" the pedal, allowing it to spiral out of control.
4 switches:
Capacitor Envelope (Slow, Slower, Bypass)
High/Low Tone Select
Feedback Select (Audio, Voltage, Bypass)
True Bypass

Painted in Blurple Colorshift and coated in a thick bar top-type epoxy
Low profile aluminum enclosure

I will add graphics.

Ridiculous. Insane. Brilliant. Wrong. Some adjectives I have heard to sum up musician's first impressions. I am flattered.

Why? Because I love the delicate monstrosity that is precarious noise. I also wanted to make at least an entry into the category of craziest pedal ever. Hope I can be yours.

I will manufacture these. Since I am emerging as a pedal artist, I will do a limited run of these (say about 10) over the next month or two. I am looking for investors and/or a collaborators smarter than me in the area of engineering and electronics, so that the push.pull can be even better. In the meantime, I will post videos and experiment and refine. If you would like one, email me about your interest at either pushpullpedal@gmail.com or coloringpad@gmail.com and I will keep you posted and definitely email you when they are ready.

Price? Not there yet. I'll know more soon.

nestled into my rig...

It. Is. Finished.


After months of prototyping, I finally finished this pedal. I am very happy with the outcome and the sounds that are coming out of it are truly ridiculous. I will post videos, audio demos, and a full description soon. This week, actually. For now, sonic glitch synthy decimation mayhem are words that come to mind.

This pedal will make its debut at the electro-music festival in September. Consider coming.

If you're interest is peaked and you would like to own one, let me know by emailing me at pushpullpedal@gmail.com and sign up to follow my blog. You're not committing to anything, but it will let me know how many to make and whether I should seriously consider investing in the time and resources beyond the pedals I make for myself. I would love that.

You can check out my music and other sonic creations at www.coloringpad.blogspot.com ... please sign up to follow my blog there too. Thank you... I promise I'll post soon!

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